En Süper Ashley&Vanessa Fanı
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En Süper Ashley&Vanessa Fanı

Ashley Tisdale Ve Vanessa Hudgens'le Bu Siteden Ayrılmak İstemiyceksin!
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MesajKonu: Is this helpful?   Is this helpful? I_icon_minitimeÇarş. Ağus. 03, 2011 7:54 pm

Hello. Originally posted by Chetwood: No need to use Rebuilder if you use Shrink's Deep Analysis. The quality will be acceptable to most people albeit lower than the results from Rebuilder. You may be right, if you only compress a 5GB file to fit on a standard dvd you won't see a difference. If you do a file bigger than that such as LoR discussed previously then there is NO comparison and even a blind person could tell the difference between the two. 19 Mar 2010 @ 6:0
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